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“We call on healthcare systems, accrediting bodies, and professional organisations to support, emphasise and even mandate continuous training and professional development through direct observation of the most common and complex procedure undertaken by healthcare providers—the medical interview.” – from Assessing patient-centred care through direct observation of clinical encounters by Jennifer N StojanMichael A Clay, and Monica L Lypson (BMJ Qual Saf 2016;25:3 135137)

The insights we’ve had from our work have been so powerful, we think they would benefit patients, providers, and payers nationally.

Our company, the Institute for Practice and Provider Performance Improvement, or I3PI, makes the methods we have developed through years of research available to medical practices, health care plans, and certifying boards. By employing direct observation by unannounced standardized patients, we can help practices and providers improve the quality, performance, and value of the care they provide to patients.

Measuring care through unannounced standardized patients is not only a gold standard, but also requires nothing extra of physicians beyond practicing medicine to their best ability. As the unannounced standardized patients identify opportunities to improve care and lower costs, practices can focus their attention on changes that drive performance and value.

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