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Preventing Contextual Errors Program in VA Diffusion Marketplace

The VA Health Care System has added information about the implementation of our work to improve contextualization of care in the VA to its Diffusion Marketplace web site for health care innovations. You can visit it at https://marketplace.va.gov/innovations/preventing-contextual-errors-pce-program

Coffee & Science interview with Saul Weiner

Institute for Health Improvement President and CEO Dr. Kedar Mate interviewed Saul about contextualizing care for the UCSF SIREN Coffee & Science Podcast.

Listen below or at https://sirenetwork.ucsf.edu/podcast/promise-and-pitfalls-adjusting-care-context


A video introduction to 4C coding

During a medical encounter, clinicians should attempt to identify and address, where feasible, patient life challenges that are complicating their care — a process called “contextualizing care.” Several studies have documented that when physicians contextualize care patients have better outcomes, there is less overuse and misuse of medical services, and hospitalization rates are reduced. Determining objectively whether a care plan has been contextualized requires analysis of audio recordings and medical record review, utilizing a process called “Content Coding for Contextualization of Care” (“4C”). This video provides an introduction to contextualizing care (Saul J. Weiner, MD) followed by a demonstration of 4C coding, utilizing REDCap (Amy Binns-Calvey). The 4C coding manual and REDCap XML file are free and accessible at http://dvn.iq.harvard.edu/dvn/dv/4C.